Team 2x

Team 2x (2007-2011) was a team of passionate technologists united by a love for turning ideas into successful products. Meet the team.

Our main project, Philanthropedia is tackling one of philanthropy's biggest challenges: how to evaluate nonprofits. By crowdsourcing analysis to thousands of experts, Philanthropedia has evaluated hundreds of charities across many causes. Acquired by GuideStar (2011).
redmark is a free image markup tool, helping designers and their clients communicate faster and easier.
YATA is our internal collaborative no-frills todo application that offers a powerful and easy way for teams to share and manage tasks.
Now discontinued, talkOlympics was a social browsing product that allowed users to see and chat with others on the same webpage.
Now discontinued, Djungla was a web development marketplace, helping clients find and vet the best programmers for their project using a process similar to 99designs.
Now discontinued, GetMarketData leveraged Amazon's Mechanical Turk to offer quick and targeted market research on demand.

Copyright 2007-2011, Team 2x.