Team 2x

Team 2x (2007-2011) was a team of passionate technologists united by a love for turning ideas into successful products. See our projects.

Anton Babadjanov is currently a Program Manager at Microsoft. He likes combining technical and creative work. Anton is interested in psychology and often takes an introspective look at people's actions. He recently moved to Seattle and enjoys hiking, biking and cooking vegan meals.
Petar Dobrev is a software engineer and entrepreneur with a strong interest in web technologies and computer graphics. Petar loves to row in his free time.
Nikolay Kazmin ("Kazmin" for short) enjoys writing quality code and is excited by smart software engineering practices. He loves turning ideas into reality. In his free time you will find Kazmin reading poetry or practicing Jiu Jitsu.
Deyan Vitanov is an entrepreneur passionate about making the world a better place through innovation, technology, and leadership. In his spare time, Deyan likes reading interesting scientific articles or watching intense StarCraft II games.

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